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Understanding the different types of parenting reports in family law matters

Child Impact Report A Child Impact Report is a preliminary report that can only be prepared by a Court Child Expert appointed by the Court Children’s Service. This report is focused on the needs of the child/ren, their views and experiences of their family. The purpose of this…

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Why is having a Will so important?

According to recent statistics, close to half of Australians over the age of 18 do not have a valid Will. It is often the case that people do not think about making a Will until much later in life, or they do not believe they have enough assets…

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Things to look out for during your final property inspection prior to settlement

What is the final pre-settlement inspection? The final inspection of the property is your last chance to make sure that everything in the property that was listed in the contract is in good working condition and the property is in the same state as it was when contracts…

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Increased penalites for Franchising Code of Conduct announced

Maximum penalties for franchisor breaches Franchisors who are found to be in breach of the Franchising Code will now be exposed to greater penalties. These penalties apply to an array of clauses of the Franchising Code. In most cases, the maximum penalty will be up to $133,200.  However,…

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