About Ivy Law Group

We’ve built a strong reputation for providing high quality legal services with an attentive, boutique-style service.

Ivy Law Group is a dynamic and vibrant boutique law firm, conveniently located in the Sydney CBD.

Our team of highly experienced and skilled lawyers offer a comprehensive range of legal services across key areas including:

Our mission

We want to make your life, finances, transactions and business dealings easier – with legal services that give you clarity, confidence and cost-effective results.

Our commitment to you

We’ll listen to your story carefully so we can give you a clear idea of your options and how we can help you move forward. Our lawyers will always explain things clearly, aiming to give you peace of mind or much-needed direction.

When it comes to your legal matters, we don’t cut corners. We know the emotion and stress that often comes with legal matters and we’ll always give your matter the attention it deserves.

Our lawyers are known for their skill and persistence – we’ll always fight for a fair and just result. You can also expect complete transparency on costs.

Our values

Our focus is firmly on people – everything we do is built around bringing out the best in people, whether it’s our lawyers or clients.

We’re family-centred, always aiming to have a positive impact on families and communities. Because, ultimately, that’s what really matters.

We know legal issues and disputes don’t exist in a vacuum and support our clients by focusing not just on the legal technicalities but also the practical, emotional and social context in which they exist.   

Our holistic approach to Law.
Solving your legal problems.

Our lawyers are determined and disciplined, providing the high-quality legal service that you would expect at the big firms. The combined experience within the firm is varied and wide, and our lawyers work collaboratively to provide the best outcomes possible.

We bring our values into the core of everything we do, delivering legal services with thoughtful insight and true compassion.

We are the type of lawyers who will take your call or return it as soon as we can. We enjoy our work and our greatest satisfaction comes from happy clients, returning clients and our growing number of referrals.

Our team of experienced lawyers are ready to help you.

Contact us now for a confidential, obligation-free chat.

Ivy Law Group Pro bono legal services

Ivy Law Group is a proud member of the NSW Law Society Pro Bono Scheme and has, through its Principal Lawyer, Shane Neagle, accepted pro bono briefs over the years through the NSW Bar Association Legal Assistance Referral Scheme.

We strongly believe that everyone has a right to be able to access justice through quality legal representation, irrespective of their financial position and their personal circumstances, including when they are also ineligible for Legal Aid. 

As a values-driven, family-friendly law firm committed to access to justice, we regularly utilise our legal expertise to help those in need and at the same time give back to the community. Through our pro bono work, we have assisted those in difficult financial situations, including in a range of matters such as:

  • Wills and Estates disputes where clients have been left out of a Will or where a family member has stolen money from an Estate.
  • Employment matters including where there has been disability, sex and or age discrimination.
  • Criminal cases, including acting for a refugee, in a matter spanning three years and involving a jury trial, who if convicted would be detained by immigration indefinitely; and acting on Criminal Appeals.
  • Family law where a client transferred millions of dollars of assets to the other marital partner under a Family Law Binding Financial Agreement, resulting in eviction from the home and accommodation in respite housing, whilst also suffering from various medical conditions.
  • A company dispute for a director who had limited money and went into business with a rogue business partner and suffered a heart attack from the stress experienced.

If you would like pro bono support, please apply through the NSW Law Society Pro Bono Scheme or the NSW Bar Association Legal Assistance Referral Scheme or get in touch with us directly on 02 9262 4003 to discuss your options.