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We do more than just Wills. We also offer Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship and Advanced Care Directive.

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Online Wills FAQs

We recommend completing your Will online if your Will is quite straightforward. If your situation is more complex, we recommend giving our Wills & Estate Lawyers a call on (02) 9262 4003 and we will provide tailored advice on your situation and potential costs involved.

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Everyone over the age of 18 should make a Will, irrespective of the nature of your estate.

If you die without a Will, you will be said to have died ‘intestate’, which means that any assets that are owned solely by you or owned as tenants in common with another co-owner at the time of your death may be distributed according to the relevant State law. This means that your assets will not be distributed in the way that you would have liked and may not benefit your loved ones.

Having a Will gives you peace of mind that you have made your wishes clear as to how you want your estate to be distributed and dealt with.

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Yes. Your personal information is secure. You can learn more about how we store your information by reading our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Our lawyers will review and prepare your Will from as little as $490 for an individual, or $795 for couples (this price includes GST).

We also offer Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship and Advanced Care Directive for as little as $185 each. See our full cost break down here.

A beneficiary is a person, an entity or a charity nominated by you as the Will maker to receive benefits from your estate once you pass. You can nominate whoever you would like as a beneficiary. This could include a spouse or partner, children, other family members and/or friends. In some cases, beneficiaries are also charities. In your Will, you can leave all or some of your assets to as many beneficiaries as you would like, and in the proportion you want.

An executor is someone that you appoint to carry out the instructions you set out in your Will and manage your estate upon your passing. An Executor has many responsibilities and so it’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. Ensure you appoint someone that you trust and will carry out their duties to the best of their abilities according to your wishes. An executor could include a spouse or partner, children, grandchildren, a close sibling or family member.

An Executor will be responsible for obtaining the death certificate, locating your Will, making funeral and burial arrangements, obtaining a Grant of Probate for your Will, calling in your assets, paying any debts from your estate and distributing your estate according to the wishes set out in your Will.

We are happy to assist you in making changes to an existing Will. We recommend getting in touch with our Wills & Estate Lawyers on 02 9262 4003 or by submitting an online enquiry to discuss your individual circumstances.

For a one-off fee of $30, Ivy Law Group will securely store your will and estate planning documents in our safe custody facility for as long as you require us to.

Of course. We understand life gets busy sometimes. That’s why we’ve created a ‘save and continue later’ feature for your online will and estate planning documents. This means you can save the answers you have already provided, and we will email you a private link to your form for when you are ready to come back and complete it. The link will be valid for 30 days.