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How does the Court determine the breakdown of a de-facto relationship?

Are you in a de facto relationship? A de facto relationship is a relationship where the participants are not legally married but are living together on a genuine domestic basis. In order to determine the existence of a de-facto relationship,  the Court considers a number of factors as…

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Why is having a Will so important?

According to recent statistics, close to half of Australians over the age of 18 do not have a valid Will. It is often the case that people do not think about making a Will until much later in life, or they do not believe they have enough assets…

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Legal implications and risks of a delayed property settlement

What can cause delayed settlement? The property purchase process involves various legal, financial and administrative tasks with all parties involved, such as agents, property lawyers/conveyancers and banks working hard to ensure a smooth property transaction. Unfortunately, issues can arise that prevent settlement from taking place on time.  …

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Letters of Demand – an efficient and economical way to recover debt?

What is a letter of demand? A letter of demand is a formal written request from a creditor to a debtor to repay a debt owed within a specified time. It allows the creditor to put the debtor on notice for an amount (including any interest and other…

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FEATURED ON BEANSTALK MUMS: How to get a divorce if you can’t find your ex

Divorce can be a stressful process in itself, but what happens when you cannot locate your ex-spouse to serve the Divorce papers?  In this article featured on Beanstalk Mums, we discuss the process you will need to follow if you find yourself in this position. READ ARTICLE Need…

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