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Assessing contributions made during a relationship

What are contributions during a relationship? Contributions are what each party brings in, adds, or contributes to the relationship. These can be both financial and non-financial in nature. Additionally, they could include work done in a parenting capacity, or contributing to the welfare of the family as a…

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5 things beneficiaries of an estate must consider

What is a beneficiary? Strictly speaking, a person is only considered a beneficiary if they are named in the Will as someone who is entitled to receive a certain portion of the deceased’s estate.Where the deceased has not left a Will (where rules of intestacy apply), or where…

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Purchasing an off-the-plan property? Here’s what you need to know

What does buying off-the-plan mean? Buying a property off-the-plan means you are purchasing an apartment or house that is yet to be constructed or is in the process of being constructed. Since there is no existing property to inspect, prospective purchasers will base their decision on building plans,…

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Understanding cryptocurrency in Australia

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency, colloquially known as ‘crypto’, is a digital term used to describe a digital currency platform where transactions are verified and recorded using an encrypted technique known as cryptography.  In most cases, this is accomplished via a decentralised system, although some are still controlled via…

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