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Are contributions made post-separation still considered?

What are post-separation contributions? As previously discussed, contributions can be both financial and non-financial in nature. Contributions made by each party to the relationship will be assessed from the time prior to moving in together (cohabitation) and until the dispute is formally resolved or finalised (either by Court…

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Probate or Letters of Administration: when are they required?

When is a Grant of Probate required? A Grant of Probate is a court order granted to the Executor/s of a deceased’s Will, which authorises the executor(s) to manage the deceased’s estate as set out in the Will.  Obtaining a Grant of Probate is a legal process that…

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Understanding special conditions in a property contract for sale

What are special conditions? Special conditions in a property contract are additional conditions attached to the sale of the property outside of the standard conditions you would normally see in the contract. It is common practice to include special conditions, but they may differ from contract to contract,…

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Negotiating the terms and conditions in a commercial lease

Areas of consideration in a commercial lease Our commercial lawyers have assisted many business owners and tenants with negotiating the terms of a commercial lease. There are many areas to consider during the negotiation process, including the following:  As a tenant, inspect the premises yourself to make sure…

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